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Kamis, 24 April 2008

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Fina, Most?


Senin, 07 April 2008

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DubaiBlog, 2nd

Heboh terbaru di Internet, Fitna.

message 5: by Aaeman
0 minutes ago
Oot dikit boleh ya. Heboh terbaru di internet. Fitna. Karena ulah beberapa gelintir penganut garis keras, radikal, fundamental, atau apalah namanya. Sekarang kita menghadapi stigma Al-Quran sepeti Mein Kamp nya Nazi Hitler. "A licence to kill," cemooh mereka. Lalu mengalun gelombang protes dan vandalisme ummat Islam diseluruh dunia, tindakan yang justru membenarkan tudingan di Fitna itu. Kan itu mau mereka biar punya alasan buat menggempur kayak di Irak itu.
Apa ini the mass-effect of majority ya? Kayak Kurawa yang essensial gak pernah menang melawan Pandawa. Makanya kenapa Rasulullah SAW benci kepada kebodohan dan kemiskinan yang sering anarkis itu. Maaf ya, iya tau ini oot kok.

Selasa, 01 April 2008

Learning is a must for a lifetime.

A teacher, the friend of my younger brother come again for a CD burning. "The data are unreadable." He explained as he gave me a CD that he bought from us yesterday.
"This is an unwriteable CD pak Misno." Expalin me as I plug his FD into the USB inlet.
"Try it first pak Eman." He grundled in his emphasized bariton voice.
"It wasting time pak Mino." Smile me onto his slight acid face.
“I will keep proceed this as you wish, only if you took a new one."
"I do not have it. Why do not you give me a new one to replace this one?"
"It okay for us as you wish so." Wow my lovely lady, I have this patient uh?
Then I slited a new CD into the CD burner apparatus, then I searched the FD. Took the data he wants and then begin the routin processing. The burn has been finished, then I make a check the result. I slit the burnt CD into the DVD driver. Clicked My Computer then clicked the CD RW drive. But nothing in there, the CD was still blank.
“You make a fine reburn on it.” Pak Misno shouts loudly..
“Can’t do that way pak Misno. As this is not a CD-RW but CD-R only.”
“It’s up to you. For me it has be done as well as what I want to.” Wow what a cruel manner in this man. But the business is a business. Anything may happened but business must go on.. Even for a worth of 2500 for burning an under 200MB file, only.
Then I go upstair for Ade assistance. Then he took over. But the result is the same, nothing even in new CD. “This apparatus just can’t read, beh.” Explained Ade.
“So you all can’t do that at all?” Pledge pak Misno cruelly.
“It’s that so easy, man.” He shouted like just in the Brooklyn Railways sub-terminal.
“If was there easy, why do not you burn it by yourself, teacher!” I shouted him back.
“Take it out De, then send this man away right now.” Wow I felt this upset.
Ade took a procedure and gave him back his old CD and his FD as well.
“So teacher. You get loss right now. Or I may throw you into that gutter outside. Now!”
But pak Misno got stiffed on his feet with a pale on his face. His knees seem like such a trembling. He begin wiping his sweat on his face and arms with his handkerchief.

Wow, the business must go on! And at this stagnation, I took that CD and go to computer #15. Touched the key on CD player in there, then slit the CD. Not a one minute thar CD shows the data in there. So it has be done as well. Then I called pak Misno and showed him up. At once pak Misno gave such big smile. Then he asked himself to pay. Without no nonsense, he paid an 16.000 and then he gone by the wind. Well, this is why a man have to learn all the way in his life long.